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Bluetooth Wireless Hand Free Car Kit
1. Bluetooth V 1.2 (Class II) is ompatible with the headset and handsfree profile
2. Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH). Less susceptibe to interference
3. 10 Meters Range
4. Supports voca dialing ~ If supported by the mobile phone
5. Re-dial of the last dialed phone number
6. DSP (Digital Signal Processor) to decrease noise and echo
7. Full Duplex
8. Display of the state of charge of the battery
9. Rechargeable batteries AAA Nimh
10. 2 Buttons for taking on the call on the microphone handle, theerefore no adjustment in needed when the sun shade is in the down position
11. Adjustment of the microphone's swivel handle up to an angle of 200 degreesfor easy line up on the sun screen
12. Compatible with all Bluetooh competent mobile phones
13. Firmware ~ Update possible
14. Standby : Max. 20 days
15. Talk time : 9 Hours (Depending on the battery and phone types)
16. Size : 120mm x 70mm x 23mm

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