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Bluetooth Wireless Hand Free Car Kit
♦Features :
1.Bluetooth v1.1 complaint
2.Output level, 0dBm, class 2
3.10 meters working range
4.Voice dialing out function by push button on the car kit (subject to mobile phone support)
5.Noise suppression microphone with flexible tube wire to fit user¡¯s requirement
6.Automatic reconnection if Bluetooth link is disrupted
7.Speaker¡¯s volume is controllable
8.Two colors LED for standby or talking indication.
9.Echo cancellation by high performance ASIC DSP.
10.Dual power supply, car cigarette power or batteries. 3 AAA battery.
11.Suitable phones, Nokia 6310, 8910 and 3650. Ericsson T39, T68 and P800, ETC¡­

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